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You want to create professional RSS feeds. Feed Editor is solution for you!
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15 March 2012

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A program to create professional RSS feeds.

Pros: Usually RSS feed creators involve some level of programming experience to get the job done professionally. In other words, they are not for everybody. The Feed Editor RSS Creator 5.33 is a tool which can be effectively used to create RSS feeds for the uninitiated and the otherwise computer semi-literate. The main thing that one needs to be aware of is basically what kind of feed one wants, then the Editor makes the task of building up the actually RSS feed fairly simple.

The basic interface has a “feed image” tab that really enables the user to visualize what the feed would look like. The “feed items” tab is the one where most of the work gets done. The in-built Wizard makes working through the task of creating a feed a breeze and also ensures that the result will be free of errors (hence the claim that it creates “professional” feeds). It enables importing from / exporting to CSV, HTML, formats and also exporting to JavaScript. The HTML/XML editor works much the same as a standard HTML editor such as MS FrontPage and allows the user to visualize the page as it is being edited. Therefore, as a user grows in confidence they can continue using the same tool, and because of this the Feed Editor is also a useful tool for advanced users. Finally, it enables the user to upload a podcast through an “iTunes field” feature.

Cons: The main drawback is that the interface is very drab-looking. Although one will learn how to use it right away, it will take even a more advanced user some time before all of its functionality can be used to the fullest extent.

Overall: At least 4 stars. It gets the job done and issue with interface is minor. 5 stars may be given.

Publisher's description

You want to create professional RSS feeds but you don't want to work complicated RSS technology. Feed Editor is solution for you!
You don't need to be a computer science guru and learn Internet technologies. Our editor makes work with RSS feeds maximally simple.
All you need to know is what RSS feed you need. Rest is Feed Editor work.
Easy-to-use and convenient interface makes work with RSS feeds maximally simple. Wizard usage saves you from mistakes during RSS feeds creation.
Feed Editor performs all operations instead of you. It works with different RSS formats, import text from CSV and HTML files, helps you to edit HTML in WYSIWYG editor, edit XML and pictures, gives you ability view RSS feeds and publish them, support RSS feeds export to HTML, CSV and JavaScript.
Using Feed Editor you can always support RSS feeds! Feed Editor not only creates RSS feeds but also upload them via FTP.
Work with popular podcasting is also supported by Feed Editor. You can upload podcastings as simple as creates them.
Using Feed Editor you will always feel free with RSS technology!
Feed Editor RSS Creator
Feed Editor RSS Creator
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very userful tool. Many unique features. flash tutorials is great too
great tool
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